Computational Modeling and Nanoscale Processing Unit focuses on the application of nanotechnology and computational fluid dynamics in various agri-food processing applications. The overall objective is to develop strategies for improved delivery of nutrients and employ novel approaches focusing on sustainable food processing. The team has developed several innovative products and are in collaboration with different industries from across India.

Modeling is a powerful tool for optimizing and improving process control over various unit operations by acquiring an in-depth understanding of the intricate transport phenomena in food systems. CMNSPU undertakes industry and other external funded research projects in this field.

To support the initiatives, CMNSPU is equipped with high-end research facilities. 3D and 4D food printing is another major research thrust area. This includes the development of biodegradable packaging casings from agro-processing wastes, animal and plant-based proteins, nutraceuticals and probiotics incorporated in customized foods, concepts for personalized nutrition, etc.

Another focus research area is the development of functional foods for better health and nutrition. Further, considering the potential of nanotechnology, CMNSPU conducts studies on nano-level food processing. This includes strategies for nanoencapulation, nanoemulsions, nano delivery systems, nanopackaging and other advanced applications. Research and development on various aspects of nanostructured foods, nanocarrier systems, nano food additives, nanocoatings, and development of nanosensors are under progress. As a key aspect, CMNSPU carries out research on targeted delivery of nutraceuticals and strategies for enhanced bioavailability and bioaccessibility.

The unit has strong capabilities for glycemic index studies and takes commercial samples for glycemic index testing (GI testing).


  • Micro and nanoencapsulation
  • Nutraceutical delivery systems
  • CFD modeling of food systems
  • Food oral processing and digestion
  • Glycemic index
  • 3D and 4D food printing
  • X-ray diffraction for food quality evaluation
  • Microfluidics