The Centre of Excellence in Nonthermal Processing (CENTP) at NIFTEM-Thanjavur is a specialized facility dedicated to advancing research, development, and application of nonthermal food processing technologies. Nonthermal processing refers to methods of preserving and treating food without using conventional heat treatments such as pasteurization or sterilization. Instead, techniques like high-pressure processing, pulsed electric fields, cold plasma, UV radiation, and ultrasound are employed to achieve food safety and quality objectives while minimizing the impact on the nutritional and sensory attributes of the food. CENTP at NIFTEM-Thanjavur serves as a hub for cutting-edge research, training, and collaboration in nonthermal processing technologies. Its objectives include:

Research: Conducting fundamental and applied research to enhance understanding of nonthermal processing methods, optimize processing parameters, and develop new applications for various food products.

Technology Development: Innovating and developing new nonthermal processing technologies and equipment tailored to the needs of the food industry, with a focus on scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Training and Education: Providing training programs, workshops, and seminars to educate students, researchers, and industry professionals about nonthermal processing techniques, their principles, applications, and regulatory aspects.

Industry Collaboration: Collaborating with food industry stakeholders, government agencies, and research institutions for Sponsored Research Projects and adoption of nonthermal processing solutions in the food sector.

Overall, the Centre of Excellence in Nonthermal Processing at NIFTEM-Thanjavur plays a crucial role in advancing the adoption of innovative food processing technologies that contribute to food safety, sustainability, and economic development in the region and beyond.


Staff Member

PhD Scholars(on-going)


Kamalapreetha Baskaran

Title of the Research Work: Studies on extraction of valuable components from coffee beans using non-thermal technology.


Shubham Chandrakar

Title of the Research Work: Study on cold plasma assisted supercritical fluid extraction in spice wastes.

PhD Scholars(completed)


Latha. S

Title of the Research Work: Development of processing methods for extending shelf life of coconut neera.


Jaspin. S

Title of the Research Work: Morphogenesis and characterization of food xerogel structure and its shape transformation.


Dharini. M

Title of the Research Work: Influence of non-thermal plasma on pasteurization of liquid foods.


Anbarasan R

Title of the Research Work: Application of cold plasma in post-harvest processing of soybean seeds.

Working Group of Non-Thermal Processing

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