This department deals exclusively with Food Packaging...

Providing nutritious and healthy food to human is a huge challenge these days, especially handling the food safety and security or preservation issues. Packaging is helping in increasing food safety as well as shelf life by providing suitable enclosure with specific properties to do the needful. If food is the soul then packaging is the body. Food packaging needs to meet many technical and marketing demands throughout the supply chain. We provide the packaging solution for fresh and processed products to enhance the shelf life and safety. The Department has a food packaging laboratory with all the required state of the art equipments for analyzing the important properties of food packaging materials like Universal testing machine, vibration tester, cob tester, drop tester, oxygen/vapor permeability tester, head space gas analyzer, adhesive strength tester, film strength tester, etc.

The department accepts consultancy for determining the shelf life, designing suitable packaging, evaluation of packaging materials, etc.

The faculty members also accept students from other Institutions for conducting their M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. research project works.

Current on-going research projects in the Department are:

  • Study the effect of ozone treatment on the shelf-life of fresh mushroom in combination of modified atmosphere packing.
  • Development and characterization of Iron rich healthy extruded snacks.
  • Study the suitability of continuous hydrothermal pre-treatment for improved milling of red gram.
  • Development of manually operated chikki making machine.
  • Development of groundnut husk based gassifier.