At the Food Product Development Laboratory, we guide and support industries efforts to bring their product to market and also trying to utilize the food industry byproducts to prepare novel value added products. Our Product and Process Development consultants work with clients to prepare products optimization for commercial marketing that meet the demands of consumers in the retail food service sector.

Food formulations using underutilized grains (millets, pulses etc), quality checking and ingredient suitability for different end users within the preview of food safety will be carried out. The major area of focus will be on the usage of novel food ingredients. We are focusing on developing total quality management system, nutrition labeling, sensory quality and shelf life studies with appropriate cost effective packaging system.

Nutritional studies and development of the products suitable for vulnerable groups is another area of interest. Fluid balance and thermoregulatory drinks for sports people, improve nutritious meal choices and establishing long-term habits of healthy eating for a positive effect on cognitive and spatial memory capacity, fortification of foods to improve its nutritional quality, easily digestible and nutritionally acceptable food for infants and aged people are some of the areas in which our scientists are working on.

Our faculty members are conducting research in the emerging fields like nondestructive quality evaluation using machine vision system, acoustic resonance technique and soft x-ray imaging for the internal and external quality evaluation of fruits, vegetables, grains, safe and chemical free storages of food grains and similar other fields.