National Institute of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship and Management – Thanjavur (NIFTEM-T) has started Industry Academia Cell (IAC) for keeping the motto for strong linkages and collaboration between the food industries across the country for promotion of food industrial research and development activities, trainings and other joint initiatives.

The Industry Academia Cell (IAC) facilitates the activities of the government recent move to utilize the industry CSR funds, exchange of innovative ideas among the students, faculty, and industry, student placements, student internships, industrial visits, arranging guest lectures for the student community on the recent trends and opportunities in food processing and train the students in association with food industries, etc. The cell also coordinates the Alumni Network for the growth of the Institute and the student community. We have a strong network of Alumni who are in leading companies, as well as a few successful entrepreneurs. The cell also connects with our alumni in various aspects such as research collaborations, arrangement of Alumni lectures by distinguished achievers and knowledge-sharing sessions.

Industry Academia Cell (IAC) committee

  • 1. Dr. V. Palanimuthu, Director - Chairman
  • 2. Dr. M. Loganathan - Member
  • 3. Dr. N. Venkatachalapathy - Member
  • 4. Dr. S. Shanmugasundaram - Member
  • 5. Dr. R. Jagan Mohan - Member
  • 6. Dr. K. Sureshkumar - Member
  • 7. Dr. A. Amudhasurabi - Member
  • 8. Dr. V.R. Sinija - Member
  • 9. Dr. R. Vidyalakshmi -Member
  • 10. Dr. R. Mahendran - Member
  • 11. Dr. R. Meenatchi - Member
  • 12. Dr. K.A. Athmaselvi - Member
  • 13. Dr. D.V. Chidanand - Coordinator

Activities of IAC

  • Organize workshops, training, and conferences with the joint participation of the faculty and the industries.
  • Organize Students internship programs (1 week, 15 days 1 month & 3 months)
  • Co-ordinating external students’ projects
  • Organizing industry academic meet in recent advances in food industry