Food Engineering

The ideas generated by other departments are given a shape in the food engineering department. This department consists of modern fabrication facilities with all manufacturing machines and tools.The food engineering department work, either Interdependently or jointly with other departments, help in creating new machines and processes for food processing industries.

We have developed technologies or accessories like multi-purpose Yard drying implement (MYDI), continuous rice puffing unit, thermal dis infestation unit of paddy, low friction huller, improved parboiling unit, rice degermer, husk fired stove, small scale pulse dehusker and pedal operated winnower. These technologies are popular among the farmers and entrepreneurs.

This department further works towards the commercialization of the products and processes in technical terms. The equipment for large scale production is designed and the production processes are optimized for subsequent adoption by the food industry. Appropriate quality control protocols are embedded into the production processes.