India is the third largest producer of foods in the world and is behind only China and USA. We produce more than 600 million tons of food annually. We are the largest producers of pulses, milk, tea, all spices, fruits, and vegetables, third largest in grains and oilseeds, fifth largest in poultry and seventh largest in fish production. Despite these superlative facts, the domestic food supply is inadequate at the receiving end and our export share in international markets is much less than 2%. The main reasons are due to lack of technical work-force in the food processing sector, fewer ventures in food processing businesses, huge post-harvest losses and lack of technical know-how. The food processing sector has greater scope globally. Skilled professionals are in great need, starting from food collection, transit, supply chain management, processing, value addition, cold chain management and up to the consumer end. The total value of the food trade in the country is Rs.9,00,000 crores. The government of India has a target of achieving 3% of international food trade from current levels of 1.5% in the coming years. A meagre 1% growth rate in food processing industries will lead to 5 lakhs direct and 15 lakhs indirect employment. To achieve this growth and to improve upon it in the future, the sector needs technically trained manpower who are leaders and who can compete with big giants in food processing. Considering the importance of this vital sector, NIFTEM-T offers the following academic programmes.

UG programme

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  • B.Tech (Food Technology) – 8 semesters /4 years

Students are admitted based on an all India basis competitive exam, JEE (Main) through the Central Seat Allocation Board (CSAB).

PG Programmes

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  • M.Tech (Food Technology) in Food Process Engineering - 4 semesters / 2 years - 17 seats
  • M.Tech (Food Technology) in Food Process Technology - 4 semesters / 2 years - 17 seats
  • M.Tech (Food Technology) in Food Safety & Quality Assurance - 4 semesters / 2 years - 17 seats

Ph.D Programmes

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  • Ph.D (Food Technology) in Food Process Engineering- 6 semesters / 3 years - 17 seats
  • Ph.D (Food Technology) in Food Process Technology - 6 semesters / 3 years - 17 seats
  • Ph.D. (Food Technology) in Food Safety & Quality Assurance - 6 semesters/ 3 years – 17 Seats

We strive hard to create globally competitive manpower and we achieve this by the following many special qualities of our academic program:

  • Our curriculum is very well laid out after careful discussions amongst peers at national and international levels.
  • We have a good mix of theoretical and hands-on training in the curriculum.
  • Our laboratory facilities are of international standards.
  • Our professors have wide international exposure and contacts.
  • We send our students to different places like companies, villages, and other organizations to get first-hand information on the problems faced by producers and the current status of production, storage, handling and marketing of foods.
  • On the other hand, our students are sent to reputed international institutions around the world for exposure visits, internships, short-term training for getting research/ im-plant experiences in advanced laboratories. These exposures help to create globally competitive manpower.



The Institute knowledge centre is having more than 28742 of documents consisting of Technical books, reports, standards, CD-ROMS and back volumes of journals. The library subscribes to 54 periodicals and 1500+ e-books besides a holding of 840 back volumes of journals. Wi-Fi facility has been provided for laptop users. CCTV Web cameras have been fixed in the Knowledge Centre and the entire building is under camera surveillance.